LetzCheer – a Perfect Solution for a Perfect Game Day!

Turn your match-day into an interactive experience

Imagine, every cellphone in the entire crowd...

is playing, cheering or booing toward the other team. Or all of them are flashing yellow in protest against a referee who did not respond to a foul.

The atmosphere in the stadium becomes more joyful and exciting with an exceptional synchronized game experience.

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Real time control

Simultaneous activation of fan’s smartphones with sound and visual effects in real time

Sending notifications

Sending notifications, updates and promotional messages to the crowd, before and during the game

Emergency managing assistance

In case of emergency, turn fan’s smartphones into a powerful warning system that combines a loud alarm sound & a text message

Data analytics

Viewing the users & activations statistic data through the management control panel

Sponsored activity

Sponsored visual content integration, as an additional way to maximise the team’s revenue

Minimum battery usage

Using minimum resources so the fans can join the interactive experience while saving battery

Change the way your fans participate in the game

Our unique technology enables you to fully control and operate everything that happens on the fans’ application in real time.


Our technology does not limit us to the number of devices or people. We can synchronize entire stadiums with hundreds of thousands of devices.
With the technology we have developed and the management control panel that allows the event operator to send commands to all audience devices in real time.
No additional equipment is needed. Our product works only with the app that works on the audience’s phones.
While you are not on the stadium - the app does not perform any action and does not use any data from the fan’s device. Only when a fan is in the game inside the stadium and turns on the app - the app "listens" to the event operator actions and synchronizes with the rest of the crowd.
Our technology is encrypted and ensures that only with our management interface you can trigger or influence the mobile devices during the game.
We have created a pricing model that can fit any sports team, of any size. We will design your experience by our technology in a customized way and only then can we talk about the costs.

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